Corporate Radio

Create your own company radio station with Urban Biz Hosting

Are you looking for an internal communication tool?

Are you looking perhaps to unite your employees or simply distribute information through your company’s radio station?

Are you a small town looking to build a community radio station?

Urban Biz Hosting allows you to create your company radio station on the Internet in just a few clicks! Radio is a popular medium and is increasingly being adopted by businesses and local authorities. So why not let yourself be tempted by the idea of creating your company radio station? Get started here today.


The main advantage with us is every radio is dedicated and has no listeners limits of Bandwidth limits at all.

The radios never ever buffer and works even on very weak internet across the world.

We run the radios on the very best servers currently available and we keep them on the latest tech.

The support can not be compared to any other team in the world.

We have been doing this close on to 16 years, you are working with experienced tech support and developers in our team.

We are directly involved with our coding team and work together.

Other companies run software from a third party that can give problems or end at any time.

Most companies do not have their own software and the radio buffer and have limits as they are on very weak over crowded servers , we just do not do that.

Contact our National Onboarding Support Specialist Kareema Ali-Bowens

Call 833-318-3780 or 651-260-4830